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ORO – “Gold”, in Italian – is precious, beautiful, and of the utmost superior quality. But beyond the color, there lies an element with a deeper meaning, symbolizing hope, courage and determination. A story that dates back generations to the waves of their ancestors who emigrated for a better future whilst upholding their Italian traditions, that they proudly continue to commemorate and celebrate.

We are Manhattan-Italian restaurant where tradition meets elegance, whilst people and hospitality are at the core value. Conveniently located in Central, 28 Stanley Street, with Victoria Harbor as the backdrop, ORO embodies a convivial environment where there is a strong belief in the “Art of Hosting”. The food encompasses classic ingredients reminiscent of Abruzzo heritage, with each dish illustrating a unique and personal story. The restaurant endeavours to combine the team’s international experiences to create an environment that salutes their cultural roots and new opportunities - from Italy to America, to the far east in Hong Kong.

30/F., 28 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong  |  +852 2133 7517  |

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